What to Love About Winter Kayaking?

When it comes to winter sports, there is certainly plenty of choice. Although most people’s thoughts will automatically turn to skiing and snowboarding, kayaking is another sport that can be enjoyed in the winter too. In fact, for some people kayaking in the winter is much more enjoyable than kayaking in the summer. But why is this? What makes kayaking especially exciting during winter? If you have never tried it, or even thought about kayaking when the weather is colder, you are missing out.

It is Challenging

How challenging kayaking is really depends on where you do it. If you are on a still lake then it may not be too taxing, but if you like kayaking off the coast, you will enjoy bigger swells. It is important therefore that you have experience of winter paddling because you will need the skills and knowledge to manage these tougher conditions.

It is Calm and Peaceful

If you love kayaking, you are not alone. However, most people who enjoy the sport do so in the warmer months. What this means for winter kayakers is that there will be fewer people on the water. It is therefore much calmer and more peaceful in the winter than it is at other times of the year.

You Get to Enjoy Different Scenery

In the winter, the landscape is completely different, and you get an entirely different perspective from the water. Sitting in a kayak, you might get to enjoy beautiful snowy mountains or rocky coastlines. You might even see some spectacular wildlife along the shores.

How to Make Winter Kayaking More Enjoyable

If you want to enjoy winter kayaking, it is important that you suit up. A dry suit can be worn over your base layers and will provide another layer that is designed to keep you warm and dry. If you don’t want to invest in a dry suit, it is a good idea to make sure you keep warm with plenty of layers. This will allow you to remove them if you get hot and add them again should the temperature fall.

When it comes to winter kayaking, a sit-inside kayak is preferable to a sit-on top kayak. This is because they come with storage for extra layers and snacks that may be needed. The experts at Canyon Sports say that kayak rental will allow you to try out this type of kayak so that you don’t need to buy one initially. You can also attach a spray skirt around the top of a sit-inside kayak to keep you warm and dry. 

It is not uncommon for feet to get really cold when kayaking in the winter, so a good pair of insulated booties or water shoes is a must. As well as keeping your feet warm, they will also provide sufficient grip when you get out of the kayak onto the wet shoreline.

You should also keep your hands and head warm with suitable headwear and insulated gloves. A beanie or wetsuit hood can prevent you from losing heat through your head; when it comes to gloves, look for a pair that will retain heat.


Winter kayaking may be something that you have never considered before but there are many reasons for doing so. Kayaking is much quieter in the winter months and there is plenty of beautiful scenery to enjoy from the water. If you are considering winter kayaking, be sure to use the right type of kayak and ensure you are fully protected from the elements, both for your comfort and enjoyment.