How to Create Buzz for your School Football Tournament?

Love it or hate it, there’s no denying that one of the most infectious elements about anyone’s school days is the sports spirit! From the most common football and basketball to more specialized forms such as synchronized swimming and horseback racing, schools often pride themselves on how well their students perform and represent the school in the sports sector.

And of course, one of the most awaited sports events of the year is your school’s football tournament. Not only does the team spirit get everyone excited, but students and teachers alike often flock to offer support and encouragement. Of course, however, to really make a school football tournament successful, it’s important to promote it. And how do you do that? By marketing it, of course!

Here’s how you can promote your school’s upcoming football tournament in 4 easy steps:

1. Get Creative with a Collage

Building up pre-hype is essential when marketing your school’s football tournament. And what better way to do so than by giving a sneak peek of the participating teams via a collage? Not only will this get people engaged with the tournament as they see who’s playing and decide their followership, but it’ll also create a sense of general excitement.

Simply head to PosterMyWall and browse their range of football collage templates, picking one you like. Once you have a design in hand, you can go about editing it to your preference, including pictures and slogans for all of the participating teams. With your collage ready, you can now put this up on your school’s website, post it on social media, or even put up printouts on school notice boards and send copies home!

And since the PosterMyWall platform is oh-so-easy to use, you won’t have to worry about getting your collage professionally designed – you can do it yourself, and that too for free!

2. Start a #Hashtag Challenge

With thousands of posts going up on social media every single day, it’s only certain content that gets the spotlight. Hashtag challenges, for instance, are known for their ability to go viral – racking up millions of views and likes for the creators. As a marketing effort for your school’s football tournament, you can create your very own #hashtag challenge, with students and even faculty members joining in on the trend and posting about it online.

You can do simple challenges such as dressing up in your team’s colors, trying to score a goal, or even a dance routine and accompany it with a matching hashtag. The more people that join in, the more reach you’re likely to get – and more reach means a bigger match-day audience! As for platforms, the most effective for this marketing tactic are Instagram and TikTok as they’re known for short, trending reels.

3. Create a Specialized Website Landing Page

Optimized landing pages are one of the most effective ways to garner traction. Revamp your school’s website to include a dedicated page about their football tournament, adding pictures of players, the history of the teams, and even a form where people can confirm their attendance.

If you want to make things even more fun, then you can hold a small giveaway – sporting equipment is always a safe bet – and embed the link on the school’s landing page. Of course, the real magic of a landing page is in its SEO optimization as this is what’s going to help your page rank highly and pull more reach.

Add everything from the right pictures to trending keywords to meta descriptions, and if this isn’t your area of expertise, then don’t shy away from reaching out to a professional – doing so otherwise could seriously stunt your football tournament’s growth! Once your landing page is ready, make sure to add its link to all your social platforms so that existing followers can also visit.

4. Go for a Flyer

And of course, the classic flyer. Perhaps one of the greatest marketing channels of all time, flyers are often overlooked for their true potential and cast aside for newer options. However, when used right, a flyer can immensely boost your audience reach.

Start by logging onto the PosterMyWall website and selecting a football flyer template. Once you’ve picked one you like, go ahead and customize it according to your school’s tournament. And since the PosterMyWall platform boasts such a large collection of flyer templates, you’ll be sure to find something you like – and you can always customize it to your liking. And the best part? You can do all of this – and more – for free!

With your flyer designed and made, it’s time for the distribution. You can get printouts and send them home with students, post them on school notice boards, or even hand them out around town. As for the digital version, that can go up on your social media profiles as well as be sent out via tools such as WhatsApp or email. Remember, the more attractive your flyer’s design, the more it’ll grab people’s attention – and with PosterMyWall, designing a great flyer is a piece of cake! In fact, you can even design and post match schedules to create hype and get people prepared for the upcoming tournament.

So, if you’re looking to promote your school’s upcoming football tournament, then these tips and tricks are your go-to strategy. Not only will you have a guaranteed crowd, but your marketing skills will also be lauded!