How To Get Better At Tennis: A Newbie’s Guide

Choose The Right Racket

Your tennis game begins with your racket. There are plenty to choose from, but you must pick the one that aligns with your body size and handgrip. Luckily, tennis rackets for beginners and even intermediates are less expensive, and you can always ask for some guidance from the sales assistant.

If you have a good racket, take care of it. Just because a string has broken doesn’t mean you have to replace it. You can have it restrung and continue with your gameplay.

Hold Your Racket The Right Way

There are three primary ways to hold a tennis racket: continental, eastern and western grips. Different players use different grip variations, so there is no right way for everyone. But most tennis players, including renowned ones like Roger Federer, use the eastern forehand grip. Your goal should be to identify the handgrip that works for you best in improving your gameplay.

Take Some Lessons

‘’The best way to improve your tennis play,’’ Graeme Servantes, a tennis expert suggests, ”is to take up some lessons from a coach or tennis trainer.” Working with an experienced tennis coach prevents you from picking bad tennis habits and gives you the opportunities to meet players of similar standards. You can research local tennis clubs and sports centres to connect with tennis coaches and players.

Practice More

The world’s best tennis players have spent years of practice to get where they are with the help of the best coaches. Many beginners get appalled because they play perfectly one week and then perform dismally the next. Never stop playing, and your game will ultimately sort itself out.

Work on Your Swing Motion

Your swing motion determines the direction and outcome of your shot. It doesn’t matter whether you are hitting a backhand or forehand; you should aim at swinging a low to high. When you see the ball coming, you should first turn to the side as you bring the racket back, then swing to make contact with the ball in a fluid motion. Swinging from low to high allows you to create topspin on the ball. You can also practice swinging without the ball to grow the skill.

Improve your Footwork

The most challenging part for tennis beginners is working on the footwork. Note that every tennis shot you encounter will never be the same, so you must work on your footwork. First things first, stay on your toes to be more explosive and dynamic in chasing the ball. Also, normalise using quick and small steps to help you get into the correct position to hit the ball.

The Takeaway

Improve your speed and always stay refreshed. You can use a skipping rope to enhance your footwork and coordination.