Interesting Rules of the game of Cricket: An overview

Cricket was invented by the people of England. In Wikipedia, Cricket is considered as one of the few games which are owned by the governing body. All these are specified by the code that is followed worldwide. 

The basic rules and regulations of the game of Cricket are made clear by the coach to the amateur cricketers. Let’s read the rules and facts about the game.

Basic facts all should consider knowing 

Cricket is a game played by two team opponent of each other. There are 11 players in each team. The actual action involves a bowler who bowls to the batsman. The game of cricket takes place in a 22 yards playground in an attempt to score many runs. They play the game with a bat. 

There are bowlers who take wicket while the batsman attempts to score more runs in between the wickets. These runs are calculated in a particular over. Let’s discuss about the rules of the game vividly:

Coloured clothing- The players were made to wear coloured clothing for the game. It looked bright and colourful from the gallery. This concept was first adopted for ODIs. World Cup and ICC Knockout trophy all had coloured tees and loose track pant for the game with the name of the player and number imprinted on the tees. 

Pitch of Cricket- The Cricket Pitch is made ready and it should be around 22 yards. The concept of the pitch was introduced by Kerry Packer in the World Series of Cricket. The history of Drop-in-matches is quite deep and well renowned. 

Cricket ground and its Size- Cricket is one of those rules which lack the concrete shape and size. The diameter may vary at times from 137 meters and 150 meters. There is no such fixed official rule for the shape of the ground. It only takes note of the size and the measurement. 

Third Umpire- The concept of the third umpire was introduced at the earliest known code of laws of Cricket. The interesting rule is that the batsman can never be ruled out with unless the bowlers and the fielders making an attempt with the intervention of the fielder with on-field umpire. The decision goes to the third umpire who observes the match referring a run outcall. 

Cricket Ball’s size- The Cricket’s Ball weight is decided to be between 154.9 to 163 grams. The circumference of the ball should be 22.4 cm to 22.9 cm. When it is about women’s cricket, the weight of the ball is calculated to be 140-151 grams. 

Balls as per the Over- The total calculation of the Balls every over is decided to be 6 in numbers. It depends on the players how they can score the runs in these 6 balls only. The deliveries of the balls by the bowlers are randomly completed. 


The above interesting facts and rules of Cricket help in maintaining the game and its features. So, make sure you benefit from the game and get to learn something new every time you play it.